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in Mental Health Support Options

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Audio Journeys

Select an intention from the Limitless Guided Visualizations app and listen along to guided visualization exercises designed to help you improve your relationship with yourself.


This app was designed to help you improve your internal dialogue so that other self-care activities like meditation become easier and more beneficial.

Beginner Friendly

There's no previous experience required to use Limitless Guided Visualizations. No matter where you're at in your self-care journey, you'll find Limitless easy to use and follow along.

Lots of Free Content

All of the basic tools and journeys are accessible to everyone for free. While premium purchases help keep us running, there are plenty of guided visualizations to enjoy.

📱 Limitless is More Than A Mental Health App

Limitless Guided Visualizations are designed to empower individuals to become their own guides in shifting their mindset which promotes long-term well-being.

The app teaches the cutting-edge Metacognitive Healing Methodology TM approach. This goes beyond traditional meditation techniques by helping people understand and shift the patterns behind their thoughts.

🩺 Limitless is Being
Used Clinically

The Limitless Guided Visualization app is revolutionizing the way practitioners think about mental health support. We designed it specifically for clinical use, so it’s not only available to the public as a standalone app, but it’s also being integrated into clinical treatments at an international regenerative medicine clinic. As a result, patients report great success when using the app as part of their treatment plan. Overall, it’s becoming an increasingly popular choice for individuals and practitioners alike.

Limitless is Being Used Clinically

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From Limitless

We appreciate your interest in learning more about how to improve your mental health and get the most out of the Limitless app. To help you, we are constantly adding new resources that cover topics such as metacognition and altered states. Particularly, these resources will provide you with a deeper understanding of our mission and the innovative technology behind our guided visualization app.

📰 Press Releases

Further, if you are a media outlet or journalist looking to learn more about Limitless and our approach to mental health support, we invite you to take a look at our first three press releases for an in-depth understanding of our mission and the innovative technology behind our guided visualization app.

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Press Releases

🏠 Where is Limitless Being Used?

We’re thrilled to see how our community is already using our app! Currently, the utilization of Limitless can be seen in a variety of settings, including both clinical and home environments. Limitless has taken a dip in float spas and wellness centers. Additionally, we’re excited to see it utilized in more medical facilities as a tool for mental health support during and between treatments. With its effectiveness in a wide range of settings, it is clear that Limitless has the potential to make a significant impact on individuals’ mental health journeys.



Float Spas

Wellness Spas

Medical Facilities

"This experience has been life-changing...

“The personalized visualizations I’ve curated through the guidance of the Limitless app have become a core part of my wellness journey. I practice these tools when I feel myself start to slip into unhelpful internal dialogue and find myself coming back to the app regularly to refresh my mindset with a new journey. Highly recommend.”

– Limitless Guided Visualizations | Premium Subscriber

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At Limitless, we are dedicated to providing a unique approach to mental health support through our guided visualization app. We understand the importance of bringing this innovative tool to a wider audience. To achieve this goal, we have created a comprehensive media kit that provides detailed information on the app and its potential impact. By requesting a media kit, you can gain a deeper understanding of the value of Limitless for your publication.

Moreover, we would be thrilled to have the opportunity to feature Limitless in your publication and help bring this groundbreaking mental health app to the masses. If you are interested in learning more about the app and its capabilities, please don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule an interview or request a media kit. We look forward to the possibility of working with you.

👥 Affiliate Partnerships

Our Affiliate Partnership Program is an opportunity for individuals, influencers, clinics, brands, and publications to join forces with us to promote our Limitless Guided Visualization app and earn commission in the process.  Specifically, by becoming an affiliate, you’ll be able to offer your audiences a 10% discount on our premium content and earn a 20% commission on all sales generated through your unique code or links.

Furthermore, we believe that word of mouth is one of the most valuable forms of promotion, therefore we’re excited to collaborate with like-minded individuals and organizations in order to reach more people who can benefit from this app. Additionally, our affiliate program is an easy and efficient way for you to earn money, while spreading the word about our powerful guided visualization app.

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