Creative Vibes

Charge yourself with inspiration.

Clear out blocks. Connect with your imagination.

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31 minute

What are 'Creative Vibes'?

Your creativity is innate. You are creating your world, so tap into your creative vibe. Run it through your body with visualization to harness and direct its flow. Artfully transform areas in your life that need attention and care. You’re creating the conditions for change.  

You can even add creative levity to “your baggage”—roll with it, acknowledge it, and notice how you feel. Healing is not an overnight process, and changing your thought patterns isn’t either. What kind of life do you want to create? What steps can we take to get there?––How does your body communicate with you? How can you tune into these signals to better nurture yourself? Visualize possibilities letting the creative vibe flow through you. Move through your life in harmony; giving and receiving with balance.

Let us imagine fireworks…

Be well.

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