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Dedicate a full year to your self-care journey and reap the rewards of consistent and effective visualization practices, with access to all premium features of the app.

*This subscription will not auto-renew. You will receive a renewal reminder via email when it’s time to renew.

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Audio Journeys

Select an intention from the app and listen along to guided visualization exercises designed to help you improve your relationship with yourself. 

Beyond Meditation

This app was designed to help you improve your internal dialogue so that other self-care activities like meditation become easier and more beneficial.

Advanced Content

These premium access guided visualizations build on tools and lessons learned in the basic access material.Β 

⭐️ Guided Visualizations ⭐️

The Limitless Guided Visualizations app contains two types of guided visualizations. Mindset Microdoses are short 10+ minute experiences while Journey Macrodoses are longer 90+ minute experiences.

Premium Unlocks

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The Limitless Guided Visualizations app offers premium options at various price points to fit any budget. Start with our budget-friendly single-month option or elevate your experience with our range of options for up to a year. 

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