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Audio Journeys

Select an intention from the Limitless Guided Visualizations app and listen along to guided visualization exercises designed to help you improve your relationship with yourself.

Beyond Meditation

This app was designed to help you improve your internal dialogue so that other self-care activities like meditation become easier and more beneficial.

Beginner Friendly

There’s no previous experience required to use Limitless Guided Visualizations. No matter where you’re at in your self-care journey, you’ll find Limitless easy to use and follow along.

Lots of FREE Content

All of the basic tools and journeys are accessible to everyone. While premium purchases after this trial ends will help keep us running, there are plenty of guided visualizations to enjoy for free.

Longer sesh? Listen to:

Journey Macrodoses

These guided visualizations are 90+ min.

Shorter sesh? Listen to:

Mindset Microdoses

These guided visualizations are 10+ min.

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