Get Grounded

Step 2: Gain perspective.

Learn to ground your body and feel safe.

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17 minute

What is 'Get Grounded'?

The second metacognitive tool you’ll develop is a grounding cord. This guided visualization activity takes place in the center of your head, so begin with the “Get Centered” Mindset Microdose if you haven’t already. 

Are you feeling insecure, unsafe, or disconnected? Maybe you don’t want to carry the energy from work home with you. Release unwanted energy down a grounding cord–send it to the center of the Earth. She knows what to do with it. Release. 

Move through your day with more ease. Let go of old thought patterns that don’t serve you. Take a deep breath and in a snap—get grounded in this guided, self-healing journey. 

Be well.

What's Next?

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