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The Limitless Guided Visualizations app is a breakthrough mental health support tool, and the press agrees!

Bringing Metacognitive Healing to the Masses

Metacognition goes beyond meditation by evoking awareness of your thought processes and helping you understand the patterns behind them. Limitless Guided Visualizations empower people with metacognitive skills to become their own guides in shifting their mindset.

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Where Limitless is Being Used

We’ve been delighted and moved to learn how our community has been using this app already!

In June 2022, we rolled out our first clinic partnership with BioReset Medical®️, an international network of regenerative medicine clinics, to provide a first-of-its-kind approach to ketamine therapy. The audio journeys in the Limitless Guided Visualizations app help patients navigate their mindset during treatments and give providers a way to support their patients’ integration between treatments.

Treatment packages integrate advanced medical techniques (including ketamine and stellate ganglion blocks) with added cognitive support through the Limitless app. These packages are designed to support patients with: chronic illness, depression, anxiety, PTSD, trauma, mood disorders, emotional distress, chronic pain, and repetitive thoughts.

“Limitless is an invaluable addition to our multi-modality treatment approach. We believe that empowering patients to actively participate in their healing journey is an important part of the process. Limitless helps our patients to prepare for their ketamine therapy, navigate their mindset during sessions, and provides a safe container for them to continue to do the work in-between treatments.”

– Dr. Matthew Cook, Founder of BioReset Medical

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