Get Centered

Step 1: Gain perspective.

Learn to see yourself and the world around you with more clarity.

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17 minute

What is 'Get Centered'?

This is step one on your metacognitive journey—rise above the thoughts and find the center of your head. Also known as “the mind’s eye,” it is a cognitive tool, a space where you will be directing your focus and visualizations. You will be developing it through the course of this metacognitive adventure as you learn to heal yourself. And healing is just that, an adventure, and not a linear one either.  

No matter where you are during your day, or what may happen, this is a small dose that goes a long way. This guided visualization exercise helps you establish the metacognitive tools to quickly and effectively bring yourself back to center. Feel calm and carry on. You cannot control what happens to you, but you can claim your space and how you’d like to react.

Take a deep breath as we take off into a blue sky over the ocean…

Be well.

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