Improve your ability to be objective with the "Neutrality" guided visualization on the Limitless app. Learn to observe and find neutral footing before reacting.


Step 4: Optimize your ability to be objective.

Learn to be aware and balanced.

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What is 'Neutrality'?

Onto the fourth tool in your metacognitive tool kit—neutrality. You’ve practiced centering, grounding, and defining your boundaries. Now, we’re going to work on objectivity. Let’s navigate the emotional plane and find balance. Neutrality is not apathy. 

We do not have to get stuck in fight, flight, or freeze responses—we can step into neutrality and better understand the true nature of what triggers you. Bring what triggers you to find neutral footing and pause before reacting. Make different choices from this standpoint. Observation is the first step in getting neutral. Be real with yourself. 

Let us imagine a golden marble…

Be well.

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