Step 5: Calm the internal noise.

Learn to create space from others to enhance your wellbeing.

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What are 'Separations'?

Now that you have learned how to find the center of your head, connect to the earth, have practiced setting boundaries, and optimized your ability to be objective, you’re going to learn how to create separations. Receive the benefits of this guided visualization by practicing the skill of discerning what’s yours, and what’s theirs. Calm the internal noise. Separate your space from another to enhance your well-being. 

If someone throws odd energy at you by passing an irksome comment, don’t take it on, do not let your body receive it. Even if you don’t understand what someone meant, or why you’re being triggered, you can put the comment in a bubble, and let it float away.  What is your truth?

This is mine; this is not mine—visualize the line. 

Be well.

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