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Through this page, we hope to give you a deeper understanding of the Limitless Guided Visualization app and how it can benefit you on your journey to improve your overall well-being.

🤔 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 💖

What is the Limitless mission?

💖 The audio journeys in the Limitless app are a cognitive harm reduction tool.

🧠  Cognitive harm reduction involves a set of practical strategies aimed at reducing negative experiences associated with maladaptive metacognition.

💜 This is a core principle of the Limitless movement to empower individuals to attain emotional and cognitive autonomy by self-governing their thoughts and emotions.

How will this app help me?

Limitless Guided Visualizations empowers you to become your own guide in shifting your mindset. You’ll evoke awareness of your thoughts and the patterns behind them with visualization tools that are proven to alter your state of consciousness. Learn to let go of what doesn’t serve you and cultivate a better relationship with yourself.

⭐️ A Comprehensive Guide to the App: Maximize Your Experience

What is a Guided Visualization?

Your mind is a powerful tool. These gentle and transformative exercises guide you in creating personalized mental visualizations that support you in improving your internal dialogue.

There are two types of guided visualizations in the app.

Journey Macrodoses

These 90+ minute guided visualizations are designed to help you cultivate feelings of safety, wellness, love, power, resilience, and more. Take the time and space to explore your thoughts. These are deep healing experiences.

Mindset Microdoses

These are short audio journeys that build your metacognitive skills. Take 10+ minutes to practice visualization tools that you can implement at any time during your day. Center yourself, get grounded, set boundaries, practice neutrality, calm the internal noise, and learn how to release unnecessary stress.

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How to redeem premium access?

From this website:

  • Complete the checkout process from our shop.
  • Your receipt page contains a hyperlink that will take you to a special landing page.
  • You will view this from the mobile device you wish to download premium on.
  • Make sure you have the app downloaded first.
  • Tap “redeem”.

From the app:

  • When you tap the lock icon on any premium content, it will invite you to “get the full experience”!
  • Complete the checkout process, which will be hosted by App Store or Google Play.
  • There are currently only options for monthly or yearly premium access available here.

From a QR code:

  • Hover over the QR code with the camera app on your mobile device.
  • Tap the link that appears.
  • Make sure you have the app downloaded first.
  • Tap “redeem”.

⚠️ You must have the app installed on your mobile phone first, in order to redeem premium.

Can I give Limitless as a gift?

🎁 Absolutely!

  • You will need to purchase this gift license in a separate transaction from your own premium license.
  • During the checkout process, there is a field labeled “Is this a Gift?”
  • The email provided in this field must be the same as the one they use to log into the app.
Can I purchase multiple licenses at once?
  • Only one license can be purchased at a time.
  • You must wait for one license to expire to activate another; they do not stack.
  • If you are purchasing premium as a gift, make sure you are entering the recipient’s email in the “Is this a gift?” portion of the checkout form. Once the order is placed, this cannot be changed or transferred.
What is metacognition?

Metacognition is an awareness of your thought processes and an understanding of the patterns behind them. Simply put, metacognition is the practice of thinking about your thinking.  

Some thought processes lead the mindset toward helpful solutions, while other thought processes are unhelpful, uncontrolled, pervasive, and harmful.

Visualize rising above your thoughts from a bird’s-eye view in order to understand where they come from and how they serve you.

⭐️ Metacognition: The Power of Understanding and Improving Your Thinking

What is the Metacognitive Healing Methodology?

This app teaches the Metacognitive Healing MethodologyTM which helps you reflect on your thought processes and reframe the relationship you have with yourself. Reveal the sources of trauma that negatively impacted your metacognitive narratives. Learn how to navigate your thought processes with empathy and levity. With internal dialogue rooted in kindness, watch yourself shift out of trauma responses like fight, flight, freeze, and/or fawn into rest, restore, and heal states.

What is an altered state of consciousness?

An altered state of consciousness is a change in one’s “normal” mental state. We do it all the time when we work out, meditate, eat food, consume drugs, fall in love, daydream, recall a traumatic experience, etc. We can alter our state of consciousness to our benefit and healing. Think of these guided visualizations as a kind of workout for your mindset.

⭐️ Ultimate Guide to Altered States of Consciousness

Journey with psychedelics?

If you are using Limitless in tandem with psychedelic therapy, please visit the FAQ page on the app (tap the “?” on the bottom of the homepage) and listen to the “Psychedelic Journeys” audio. Your well-being and safety are your top priority. Consult your healthcare provider if you have questions about how Limitless can support your psychedelic treatment plan.

Why join the community?

Community fosters belonging, connection, support, and healing amongst its members.  Meet other individuals who are working on improving their mindset. Find people who care to share their experiences, and may be able to grow from hearing your experiences as well.

Can I invest in Limitless?

Interested in making one of the first legal investments in the psychedelic industry? We’d love to give your our pitch.

Learning About Investing Here

How can I become an affiliate?

We are excited to get this app in the hands of more people so they can confidently navigate their metacognition and realize their full potential.

We just launched our affiliate program.

🎉 Apply here.

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Two smartphones display the FAQ page within the Limitless Guided Visualizations app.
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