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Journey Macrodoses

90+ minutes

Powerful & gentle experiences that alter your state of consciousness so you can access your full healing potential. Bring your body out of fight, flight, freeze, and fawn states to rest, restore, and heal.

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🤔 What are Journey Macrodoses?

Indulge in a deep metacognitive journey – I am safe, well, enough, love, powerful, resilient, here, flow. Move past problematic, destructive, and repetitive thought patterns to cultivate productive and healing thoughts that will generate solutions in your life. Discover your unique energetic signature and get in touch with your personal power.

Journey Macrodoses teach you how to become your own guide in shifting your mindset with a variety of techniques that are proven to alter your state of consciousness. Create your own visualizations that will help you navigate your internal world with more ease, levity, empathy, and respect. Learn how to change your outside world from within. Meet your life from a position of choice. Reveal the sources of your trauma and transform them.

Take a deep breath and let the mind unwind. Make peace with your past and future by choosing presence. Humor is where the healing happens; feel the levity.

Be well.

A beautiful path with a rainbow arching over it represents the Journey Macrdoses category of guided visualizations.
90+ minutes

Journey Macrodoses

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I am Safe

Embody a deep sense of safety.

I am Well

Tap into your unique wellness vibration.

I am Enough

Recognize that you are worthy of self-love.

I am Love

Embrace the power of unconditional love.

I am Powerful

Discover your true personal power.

I am Resilient

Strengthen your ability to bounce back.

I am Here

Navigate to the present moment.

I am Flow

Synchronize your natural rhythm.