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Develop Your Inner Voice

Learn to be kinder to yourself.

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Rise Above Your Thoughts

Find clarity above the noise in your mind.

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Learn To Let Go

Prioritize your energy on what matters.

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📱 Limitless is More Than A Meditation App

Limitless Guided Visualizations are designed to empower individuals to become their own guides in shifting their mindset which promotes long-term well-being.

The app teaches the cutting-edge Metacognitive Healing Methodology TM approach. This goes beyond traditional meditation techniques by helping people understand and shift the patterns behind their thoughts.

🏥 Limitless is Being Used Clinically

The Limitless Guided Visualization app is revolutionizing the way practitioners think about cognitive support. We designed it specifically for clinical use, so it’s not only available to the public as a standalone app, but it’s also being integrated into clinical treatments at an international regenerative medicine clinic.

As a result, patients report great success when using the app as part of their treatment plan. Overall, it’s becoming an increasingly popular choice for individuals and practitioners alike.

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🧠 Learn More From Limitless

We appreciate your interest in learning more about how to improve your mindset and get the most out of the Limitless app.

To help you, we are constantly adding new resources that cover topics such as metacognition and altered states. Particularly, these resources will provide you with a deeper understanding of our mission and the innovative technology behind our guided visualization app.

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"I didn't realize until now, that I could get better. It's going to be ok. I am going to be well."
"My friend is in hospice, he was scared about dying. I gave him a Limitless subscription and he used it daily to find peace and healing while he made his final transition."
"This app is exceptionally helping me and making me think positive everything and giving me strength to cope with every situation.”
"My partner and I do a macrodose journey once a week together. It has really brought us much closer, we are arguing less, and we now treat each-other more kindly."
"I was terrified when I was in the hospital. The nurse came in and played 'I am Safe' for me and it brought me so much comfort."
"Today I had to confront one of my panic attack triggers, but this time I knew that I would be ok. I knew that I was safe."

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