I am Enough

Recognize that you are worthy of self-love.

Heal your relationship with yourself.

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Guided for 1 hr 23 min + 54 min of chill music

What is 'I am Enough'?

Embark on a journey to recognize that you are enough. You may want to believe that you do not lack anything, but you may have been taught over the course of your life that you do. Reach with and go deep. Explore the conditioning that brought you to that belief. 

Not ‘enoughness’ is a game. You may play it well, but it doesn’t make you well. Detach your sense of self-worth from external sources. Validate yourself. Create a space to cultivate self-love. Finding peace with your past? That might be quite a journey. Being at peace with your future? You’re on the road. Where are you presently? The point of power. 

I am enough—let it resonate from your core.

Be well.

Heal Your Relationship With Yourself

With the ‘I am Enough’ guided visualization, you will learn how to heal your relationship with yourself. This visualization is designed to help you recognize that you are worthy of self-love and transcend any personal challenges that may be blocking you from achieving a state of well-being that goes beyond just physical health.

One of the key elements of this guided visualization is learning to detach your sense of self-worth from external sources and explore the conditioning that brought you to the belief that you are not enough. By working on developing an inner loving voice and validating yourself, you will create a space to cultivate self-love.

By embracing self-acceptance and understanding that you are enough, you will improve your self-esteem and confidence, and ultimately, improve your relationship with yourself.

What's Next?

Dive into the “I am Love” Journey Macrodose to embrace the power of unconditional love. Break down old walls and rebuild your internal foundation on self-love and acceptance. 

What are Mindset Microdoses?

Mindset Microdoses are short guided visualizations focused around core metacognitive tools to exercise your mindset. The goal of the Mindset Microdose series is to build a strong foundation for your metacognitive explorations.  All of these tools, especially the first six steps, will support you in the longer Journey Macrodoses like “I am Enough.”