Unleash your inner strength with the 'I am Powerful' guided visualization. Discover your personal power and recharge your mindset.

I am Powerful

Discover your true personal power.

Embody your inner strength to its maximum potential.

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Guided for 1 hr 32 min + 7 min of chill music

What is 'I am Powerful'?

Embark on a journey to ignite your spark and recharge your spirit. Realize the full potential of the energy that you embody–harness it. Bring your power into the present time–visualize it. Watch that power grow the more you are present with it. Run this energy through you—embody it.

Unwind and release your internal power struggles. Acknowledge the difficult emotions that may arise and let them pass. Tap into your personal power to restore and rebalance your energy. You have nothing to prove. Your power is in your presence–hang out with it for a while. 

I am powerful—let it resonate from your core.

Be well.

What is 'I am Powerful'?

With the ‘I am Powerful’ guided visualization, you will learn how to embody your inner strength to its maximum potential. This visualization is designed to help you transcend any personal challenges and achieve a state of well-being that goes beyond just physical health.

One of the key elements of this guided visualization is learning to tap into your personal power and bring it into the present moment. With practice, this becomes second nature and will support you in restoring and rebalancing your energy, and in unleashing your full potential.

What's Next?

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What are Mindset Microdoses?

Mindset Microdoses are short guided visualizations focused around core metacognitive tools to exercise your mindset. The goal of the Mindset Microdose series is to build a strong foundation for your metacognitive explorations.  All of these tools, especially the first six steps, will support you in the longer Journey Macrodoses like “I am Powerful.”

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