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Frequently Asked Questions

How to describe the app?
The Limitless Guided Visualizations app contains audio experiences that are designed to help you improve your internal dialogue.

Listen with your eyes closed. The narration and soothing music will guide you through exercises that teach you visualization techniques that can help you be kinder to yourself.


Struggle with meditation? Does meditation seem overwhelming or difficult to get through? You’re not alone. The Limitless Guided Visualization app was created to help you reach a state of clarity and calm amidst the noise and chaos of your thoughts.

Psychedelic Therapy
Limitless is being used clinically to support patients through various types of psychedelic therapy. The app was designed with altered states in mind, and is also great for integration support in between sessions.
How do affiliates earn with Limitless?
When you become an affiliate you'll earn a 20% commission on each sale made through the Limitless Shop using your link
Any tips on promoting premium?
Making big changes for ourselves takes consistency. Highlight the app benefits to help motivate your audience to keep at it. 

With regular practice, you may notice:

Limitless teaches tools to help you develop a kinder inner voice.
  • Kinder internal dialogue
  • Clearer thinking
  • Being less reactive to emotions and stress
  • More positive self-talk
  • A better understanding of your relationship with yourself

We also encourage you to share how your favorite premium guided visualizations have helped you.

Are there brand assets I can use?

During your affiliate onboarding, you will be given access to a folder with brand assets.

We strongly encourage you to create your own original content as well. We’re here to help you.

How do affiliates get paid?

When you sign up as an affiliate, you'll give us your payment details. Once you've earned at least $50, you can request a payout in your affiliate portal.

What is a guided visualization?
Visualization: to mentally visualize
Guided: with narrated support

Guided visualizations are a form of mental visualization that involve creating images in your mind with the guidance of a facilitator. To do this, you may close your eyes, focus on your breath, and focus on specific sensations or feelings as you create a mental picture.

Limitless is unique in that our goal is to teach tools so you can become your own guide, rather than over-relying on the support of outside sources.

What is the Limitless mission?
Our Mission

Limitless Guided Visualizations mission is to empower individuals to attain emotional and cognitive autonomy by self-governing their thoughts and emotions.

Our Story

Limitless’ CEO Cali experienced a major health complication that resulted in devastating neurological damage. When she combined k-therapy treatments with guided visualization techniques that she had taught for two decades, magic happened.

Melding k-therapy and guided visualizations catalyzed deep changes in her cognition. As she shared her transformative experiences, fellow patients yearned for the same calming guidance, leading Cali to sit and hand-holding them through their visualization experiences.

Their shared healing journeys inspired the creation of the Limitless Guided Visualizations app.

What is metacognition?
Have you ever stopped to think about how you think?

The ability to reflect on and understand your own mental processes is known as metacognition.

Being aware of your own thought processenables informed decisions. Recognizing that you can have kinder, and more supportive internal dialogue can be a major catalyst in your growth.

Limitless was designed to give you the tools to do just that!

How is this different from meditation?
Guided Visualizations: Think of it as getting access to a map to help navigate your brain. With this navigation support, you'll lead to amazing places in your mind. By learning visualization skills through these sessions, you’ll be equipped with tools to center and calm yourself amidst the chaos of life.
Meditation: It's like giving your brain a cozy blanket. Meditation is kinda like you’re just chilling and observing as thoughts drift by; no schedule attached.

Some people struggle with meditation because the thoughts that start to drift by become ruminative, pervasive and generally unhelpful. Guided visualization techniques can be applied to your meditation practice to navigate out of these moments gently.
How often should I use the app?
Practice daily! Cultivate a strong bond with your internal guide. It gets easier the more you practice. Be kind with yourself while you learn.

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