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The Limitless Affiliate Program

Earn 20 % Commission Per Sale
Custom 10% off Coupon Code
Access to Brand Creatives
Customized Referral URL
Brand Language Support
URL Slug Generator
Direct Link Tracking

Affiliate Area

Quick & Easy Onboarding
Request Payouts Anytime
Personalized Dashboard
Stripe Payments
Sales Analytics

Earning Potential

Premium access to Limitless Guided Visualizations is available to our customers at four price tiers on our website. You’ll earn 20% commission per sale.

Learn more about each of our pricing plans by clicking the icons.

Affiliate Payout Examples

Get 10 sales @ the 1 month tier
Get 10 sales @ the 3 months tier
Get 10 sales @ the 6 months tier
Get 10 sales @ the 1 year tier
Earn $13.98
Earn $41.98
Earn $83.98
Earn $145.98

Purchases from affiliate referrals must take place on our website, rather than the app store. There is *not* auto-renew enabled.

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