An icon which depicts two hands raising up a heart, representing the "Healing Vibes" Mindset Microdose.

Healing Vibes

Tap into your ability to heal yourself.

Begin to change the conversation on a cellular level.

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What are 'Healing Vibes'?

Are you ready to change the conversation on a cellular level? Tap into your ability to heal yourself.

Tune into your own healing energy. What works for you might not work for someone else, and that’s okay. Notice the shift that happens as you rebalance, take ownership of your space, and learn to love yourself.

You’re raising your vibration all the way up—you’re turning the dial beyond what you thought was possible. Set the intention to heal yourself. Run that healing vibe throughout your entire body.

Make yourself laugh. Humor is where the healing happens. Shine your inner light as bright as you possibly can.

Be well.

Visually representing the "Healing Vibes" guided visualization is a woman with eyes closed and chin tilted towards the radiating sun.
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What's Next?

Dive into the Journey Macrodoses to further alter your state of consciousness with longer experiences. Bring the body out of fight, flight, freeze, and/or fawn states and into rest, restore and heal mode.

10+ minutes

Mindset Microdoses

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Get Centered

Step 1

Gain perspective.

Get Grounded

Step 2

Connect to the earth.

Set Boundaries

Step 3

Liberate yourself from taking on too much.


Step 4

Optimize your ability to be objective.


Step 5

Calm the internal noise.

Letting Go

Step 6

Allow yourself to let go.

Creative Vibes

Charge yourself with inspiration.


Harness your personal power.

Healing Vibes

Tap into your ability to heal yourself.

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