An icon of a painter's palette, which represents the "Creative Vibes" Mindset Microdose.

Creative Vibes

Charge yourself with inspiration.

Clear out blocks. Connect with your imagination.

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What are 'Creative Vibes'?

Creative vibes refer to the innate sense of creativity that lies within us all. It’s the energy that fuels our imagination and drives us to create and transform the world around us. In this step of building your metacognitive toolkit, we will explore how to tap into your creative vibe and harness its power to bring positive change to your life.

Unleash Your Inner Artist

One of the key aspects of accessing your creative vibe is to let go of any blocks or limitations that may be holding you back. This may include negative self-talk, limiting beliefs, or past traumas. By learning to release these blocks, you will be able to tap into your innate sense of creativity and begin to transform areas of your life that need attention and care. The Limitless app can help you in this process by providing you with guided visualizations and Mindset Microdoses that can help you release blocks, improve your internal dialogue and tap into your creativity.

Visually representing the "Creative Vibes" guided visualization is a person running through a rainbow wave of creativity.
Recommended next is the "Vitality" guided visualization featuring a serene forest scene with the sun peeking through the trees.

What's Next?

Dive into the “Vitality” Mindset Microdose to harness your personal power. Recall your energy and recharge.

10+ minutes

Mindset Microdoses

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Get Centered

Step 1

Gain perspective.

Get Grounded

Step 2

Connect to the earth.

Set Boundaries

Step 3

Liberate yourself from taking on too much.


Step 4

Optimize your ability to be objective.


Step 5

Calm the internal noise.

Letting Go

Step 6

Allow yourself to let go.

Creative Vibes

Charge yourself with inspiration.


Harness your personal power.

Healing Vibes

Tap into your ability to heal yourself.

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