An icon of a body with an outline symbolizing a personal bubble, representing the "Set Boundaries" Mindset Microdose.

Set Boundaries

Step 3

Liberate yourself from taking on too much.

Learn to define your personal space and let go of the rest.

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🤔 What is 'Set Boundaries'?

“Set Boundaries”, the third visualization to put in your metacognitive tool kit, will help you define your personal space. We all have our limits, and it’s useful to define what your space is. When we set boundaries, we take the pressure off of ourselves and others.

It’s time to play with your personal space bubble. You can expand and contract it, depending on what situation you’re in. Use this visualization tool to hold space for self-awareness and what you wish to nurture within yourself. It’s okay to say “no” to things outside of your boundaries. Stop taking on too much. . .  

Let’s imagine an outline around your judgmental-free zone…

With this in mind, be sure to listen to steps one and two prior. “Getting Centered” and “Getting Grounded” will help you establish a mental setting to get clarity on your needs.

Visually representing the "Set Boundaries" guided visualization is a person sitting inside their personal bubble.
Recommended next is the "Neutrality" guided visualization featuring an illustration of a woman with a radiant sun behind her.

What's Next?

Dive into the “Neutrality” Mindset Microdose to optimize your ability to be objective.

Learn to be aware and balanced.

10+ minutes

Mindset Microdoses

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Get Centered

Step 1

Gain perspective.

Get Grounded

Step 2

Connect to the earth.

Set Boundaries

Step 3

Liberate yourself from taking on too much.


Step 4

Optimize your ability to be objective.


Step 5

Calm the internal noise.

Letting Go

Step 6

Allow yourself to let go.

Creative Vibes

Charge yourself with inspiration.


Harness your personal power.

Healing Vibes

Tap into your ability to heal yourself.

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