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Step 5

Calm the internal noise.

Learn to create space from others to enhance your wellbeing.

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The 'Separations' Metacognitive Tool

As you continue to develop your metacognitive toolkit, it’s important to learn how to create separations. This guided visualization technique is designed to help you discern what is yours, and what is not, in order to enhance your overall well-being. By learning to create space from others, you can calm the internal noise and find peace within yourself.

One of the key components of creating separations is learning how to set boundaries. We’ve previously discussed the importance of defining your personal space and letting go of what doesn’t serve you. However, it’s also important to learn how to separate your own thoughts, emotions, and reactions from those of others.

When someone passes an irksome comment or throws odd energy your way, it can be easy to take it on and let it affect you. However, it’s important to remember that you have the power to choose how you respond. Instead of letting the comment or energy affect you, you can put it in a bubble and let it float away. This is where the visualization comes in – imagine a bubble surrounding the comment or energy, and watch it drift away.

Another important aspect of creating separations is learning how to identify your own truth. It’s important to take a step back and observe what is truly yours and what is not. This can be difficult to do, especially when emotions are running high. But by practicing the skill of discerning what’s yours and what’s not, you can learn to create a clear and distinct line between the two.

Visually representing the "Separations" guided visualization is a painterly scene of people in a park; one person is having fun within their personal bubble.
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