Letting Go

Step 6: Allow yourself to let go.

Learn to release unnecessary stress.

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25 minute

What is 'Letting Go'?

In this sixth step of building your metacognitive tool kit, you will learn the art of letting go. This can include past traumas, negative thoughts, or even physical possessions. Letting go is a powerful practice that can relieve stress, help you stay present in the moment, and open the door for new, more positive experiences to enter your life.

Once you have identified what it is that you need to let go of, it is important to develop a visualization that will help you see it leaving your body. This can be as simple as imagining a shooting star carrying away the negative energy, or a balloon floating away with the thoughts or feelings attached to it. The key is to find a visualization that resonates with you and makes it easy for you to imagine the release.

Pick something that happened ten years or ten minutes ago that it’s time to release. Mentally construct a visualization that helps you see it leave your body.  It’s not yours to hold on to — learn to let it go. Create the space for new, more satisfying events and feelings to fulfill you. 

It feels good to release what no longer serves you. You may feel a physical sensation as this energetic weight lifts off of you. Practicing letting go relieves stress and helps you stay present, which is the point of power.

What's Next?

You’ve practiced how to set boundaries, be neutral and create separations and letting go. Dive into the “Daily Boost” Mindset Microdose to practice integrating the first six steps. This quick recap is daily support for your journeys and beyond.