Mindset Microdoses

Brief foundational lessons of the
techniques used in Journey Macrodoses.

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Guided Visualizations

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🤔 What are Mindset Microdoses?

A Mindset Microdose is a short guided visualization focused around a core metacognitive tool to exercise your mindset. 

Metacognition seeks to get to the core beliefs that govern your way of thinking. Visualization creates new neural pathways in the brain and alters your state of consciousness naturally. 

The goal of this series is to build a strong foundation for your metacognitive explorations, by integrating these tools into the way you communicate with yourself. It will eventually become second nature.  

Recenter, ground, move effortlessly from one activity to another, harness your creativity, define your boundaries, heal yourself—straight up. Get better at letting go of what doesn’t serve you, let it go. Visualize it: see over there. Make it a bubble—pop it. Create imagery that resonates with you. Humor is where the healing happens—feel the levity. 

Each new tool builds off the last, so take the Mindset Microdoses in order, and practice them. Exercise your new mindset. 

Step 1: Gain perspective. Learn to see yourself and the world around you with more clarity. 

Step 2: Connect to the earth. Learn to ground your body and feel safe. 

Step 3: Liberate yourself from taking on too much. Learn to define your personal space and let go of the rest.

Step 4: Optimize your ability to be objective. Learn to be aware and balanced.

Step 5: Calm the internal noise. Learn to create space from others to enhance your well-being.

Step 6: Allow yourself to let go. Learn to release unnecessary stress.

Daily support for your journeys. Practice integrating the first six steps. 

Charge yourself with inspiration. Clear out blocks. Connect with your imagination.

Harness your personal power. Recall your energy and recharge.

Tap into your ability to heal yourself. Begin to change the conversation on a cellular level.

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