I am Here

I am Here

Navigate to the present moment.

Free yourself from the past. Be here now.

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🤔 What is 'I am Here'?

Embark on a journey to hold space in the present moment. This is your point of power on your healing journey. Remove distractions from the past or future. Reclaim your energy from any pain, challenge, illness, or trauma that takes you out of your presence. Shift your mindset from “what was” to “what is.” Shift your metacognitive state to find a new, fuller, more present life experience.

Explore how to harness your presence. You are here––welcome. Embrace the moment. Do you hold expectations for what being present means to you? Free yourself of expectations. In the present moment, you are safe, well, and have everything you need. There is no perfect, you are a masterpiece in progress. Be here.

I am here—let it resonate from your core.

Be well.

What's Next?

Dive into the “I am Flow” Journey Macrodose to synchronize your natural rhythm. Experience a playful vibe. Loosen up and tap into flow state.

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90+ minutes

Journey Macrodoses

Tap an icon to learn more about each guided visualization.

I am Safe

Embody a deep sense of safety.

Leverage calm and clarity to step out of fight, flight or freeze.

I am Well

Tap into your unique wellness vibration.

Run this healing energy throughout your whole body.

I am Enough

Recognize that you are worthy of self-love.

Heal your relationship with yourself.

I am Resilient

Strengthen your ability to bounce back.

Gently transition out of trauma reflexes.

I am Flow

Synchronize your natural rhythm.

Experience a playful vibe. Loosen up and tap into flow state.

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