I am Safe

Embody a deep sense of safety.

Leverage calm and clarity to step out of fight, flight or freeze.

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Guided for 1 hr 11 min + 28 min of chill music

What is 'I am Safe'?

Embark on a journey to cultivate a deep feeling of safety and security within you. Reach within and go deep. No more fight, flight, freezing, or fawning—I am safe. Begin to generate a feeling of safety internally and witness how it will resonate within your life. 

The topic of safety is a little charged for most of us. Let’s roll with the idea that it exists. The journey to get there doesn’t have to be serious, though it can be, it really can be. Explore the conditioning that brought you to that belief. It’s okay, we learned it, and we can unlearn it. Replace the narratives you hold from your past by being present.

I am safe—let it resonate from your core.

Be well.

What's Next?

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